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Tiny Dynamite Studio


Recording, mixing and mastering can be done from anywhere in the world. You can upload your tracks to Drop-box or any other service and I can carry out the work needed to give your music the best possible sound using the ultimate combination of analog and digital equipment collected over 25 years of professional work... When done and you're happy, simply pay via PayPal.

(See the short gear list at the bottom for the nerdy details...)

I pride myself on my work and I'm not happy until you are so changes are often easy and expected. Just ask.


Services offered:




from a shaker overdub to full production.

I'm able to record solo instruments or an entire acoustic drum kit in my professionally designed studio set in lush beach-side surroundings crammed with the most desirable vintage and modern equipment in the world. I have connections with many fantastic musicians across all genres and instruments who would be happy to play on your track too so just ask!

Beautiful Wood lined booth with 16 mic channels, MIDI in/out and even iPhone charger 


*Custom made drum tracks


hand crafted specifically for your taste and musical style. Delivered as hi-resolution, multi-track audio and any MIDI data if required. Using a full acoustic setup with numerous choices of world class drums and cymbals or V-Drums combined with custom sound libraries for infinite sound choices.


*Editing and mixing


 send me the drums, bass, guitars, vocal stems and I can mix your tracks. Depending on the material, I can also de-mix stereo audio and send you the individual parts-extract lead guitar, voice or other instruments from a mix for karaoke or 'minus' instruments for learning and performance. Great for teaching.  


*Restoration and format conversion 


hum, air conditioner noise, clicks, hiss removal. Speed change, pitch correction of individual files or entire mixes.

Conversion from analog tape or records to digital audio files. Record to CD etc. Archiving of MiniDV and VHS video to DVD or MP4. 




DAT=>CASSETTE=>CD=>MP4/MP3/WMV/Apple Lossless

CASSETTE=>DAT=>CD=>MP4/MP3/WMV/Apple Lossless


*Final mix polish and mastering


for individual sounds, samples or entire albums following "Mastered for iTunes" standards and above


*CD and retro cassette production


including fades, gaps and volume matching.

Everything need for a professional sounding release either as physical CD or iTunes etc. CD's can be sent via mail, uploaded to drop-box or via any other method.

Tape never left-I can even do short run cassette dubs for that retro factor!


*Digital distribution



advice and assistance


*One on One Recording Skills


Learn the art of recording in a creative environment with a course designed and set a pace by you!

I can help you choose the right gear and learn how to use it.

Can cover straight forward computer and repair skills, microphones, effects processing, recording and mixing techniques and all the latest software and technology. 

Bring an idea for a song and leave with a finished recording to inspire and impress your friends and family.


Recording Systems

Logic, Pro Tools, Harrison, Cubase, Ableton, Nuendo, Cakewalk

Heaps of plug-ins & huge library of classic reverb impulses including Lexicon 224, 480L, Eventide, Bricasti M7

RME Fireface 800

Roland interfaces recording up to 352.8 KHZ 32 bit

Ampex 2" 16 track tape machine

Fairlight Series III & MFX2

Scope SonicCore 15 DSP system

32 bit 352,8 KHZ PCM or DSD 1bit DAC Audio playback - nice when used to transfer mixes to tape!

Mono Nagra tape machine

Technics Turntable for Record transfers

Rotel Cassette tape machine with Dolby B & C

Panasonic DAT machine with 20bit converters



over 40 classic big valve, small transistor, ribbons, condensers, PZM's and dynamics:

AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer, Calrec, Crown, Earthworks, Gefell, Neumann, Peluso, Rode, Royer, Shure and plenty obscure stuff



German RFZ Console 



Sebatron Tube VMP200eVU

Peach Tube M196SE






Outboard Mixing - Summing



RFZ MP4084 Custom built East German discrete analog console with amazing sounding mic preamps, limiters & EQ





Outboard EFX

Roland SDE-330 3D Space Delay

Roland RSS-10 3D Processor

Roland RSS-8048 3D Dimensional mixing System

Roland Space Echo RE-20

Lexicon PCM-60 Reverb

Lexicon PCM-90 Reverb

Alesis Midiverb 2

Alesis Midiverb 4

Alesis Quadraverb GT

DBX 160SL Compressor

Valley People Dynamite Compressors

stacks of plug-ins



Analog & Digital Synthesis

Fairlight Series III CMI sampler workstation with MFX2 recording

Creamware Scope with the best sounding digital synths EVER -MOOG- SEQUENTIAL ETC 

Euro Modular system with MakeNoise, Tip Top, Subcon and Roland modules

Roland SH-5 analog synth

Roland System 100M modular analog synth

Roland CR-78 classic drum machine ('In The Air Tonight', Blondie 'Heart Of Glass' etc)

Roland R-8 drum machine with all sound cards

Roland Jupiter-8 Analog synth

Roland JD-990 super jupiter digital synth with analog filters

Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder

Korg Prophecy Digital synth

Waldorf Blofeld synth

Ensonig SQ-R Plus synth

Ensoniq EPS sampler



Drums & Instruments


Tiny Dynamite Drum Booth

Brady Jarrah Ply custom kit 8, 10,12,14,16,22 , Roland TD-30 V-Drums,  all sorts of percussion collected from around the world, various Premier, Tama, Pearl, Sabian, Zildjian, Fender, Music Man, Kramer, Maton, 17 stringed Vietnamese zither



KRK 2x E8 Expose all kevlar original series powered monitors, KRK Ergo room management system, Bowers & Wilkins P7 (beautiful sounding headphones as used by Abbey Road Studios) 2x Auratone SoundCubes, B&W D100i hi-fi speakers and NAD amp for mix checking, RFZ broadcast radio speaker (excellent for dialogue/spoken word level and mono compatibility checking), lots of different headphones and tiny computer speakers to make sure your mixes translate as good as possible



I'd love to work with you!. Email me here!

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